I think I’m in love with 17hats

So here’s a positive story about Facebook ads…I was scrolling through my Newsfeed when an ad popped up for an app called 17hats.

I’m big into productivity apps, so I checked it out. After scrolling through the site and watching the video below, I decided to sign up for a free trial and check it out.


I’m hooked.

Here’s why… Read more…

My first TEDx talk!

On November 6, 2014, I had the honor of participating in the inaugural TEDx Jackson event. The theme of the day’s TEDx talks was “Fertile Ground,” with five sub-themes:

  1. Cultivate Opportunity
  2. Plant the Seeds
  3. Grow and Thrive
  4. Harvest Wisdom
  5. Share the Experience

The topics were as diverse as the speakers, focusing on everything from bicycle-friendly communities, to the importance of early childhood education, to a talk from the world’s most famous amphibian on creativity.

My talk focused on a topic close to my heart: mentoring. In my first TEDx talk, I used data and my personal story to build a case for how mentoring can be used to transform struggling communities. Check it out in the video above.

Downtown Jackson, MS

Interview on Mississippi Public Radio’s ‘Now You’re Talking with Marshall Ramsey’

Yesterday, I kicked off National Mentoring Month with an interview on Mississippi Public Radio‘s “Now You’re Talking” show, hosted by Marshall Ramsey.

I met Marshall during TedX Jackson, where he did an awesome job as emcee. In addition to his passion for service and paying it forward, Marshall is an award-winning cartoonist, author and a cancer-survivor.

It was great chatting with him about mentoring, startups and MentorMe. Check it out.



daringgreatlyA few weeks ago, I packed up my stuff and relocated to San Francisco for a 12-week accelerator for tech startups led by minorities and women. My main objectives for the program are to gain additional traction and to raise a seed round of capital.

There are six teams in the cohort with founders from across the country all sharing a working and living space. The residential model provides a unique experience. It’s kind of like A Different World meets The Real World.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons since starting my company in February of this year. By far, the greatest personal lesson I’ve learned, which has been reinforced through my recent move, is how to be comfortable with vulnerability. Read more…


Perfectionism: Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I’m a perfectionist.

I used to wear this title as a badge of honor. After all, to me, it meant that my work was always of the highest quality and that every detail of any project was taken into consideration.

Perfectionism isn’t all bad. Perfectionists tend to be very organized, detail-oriented, and present polished work based on high standards. But, let’s be real. Being a perfectionist is a lot of work.  Although their work may require less correction on the back end, perfectionists are not the most efficient people in the world. Not only that, sometimes perfectionism just isn’t necessary. Sometimes good enough really is good enough, and getting bogged down in unnecessary details can be an impediment to success.

It wasn’t until I started Seed Hatchery and began the process of doing a year’s-worth of work in 90 days, that I began to see just how much my perfectionism was holding me back. I had a tendency to get so caught up in the minute details, that it took a long time to makesignificant progress. I was putting in a lot of hours without actually accomplishing much.

I’ll always remember the moment when I realized how much my perfectionism had become a hindrance. Read more…